Monday, May 30, 2011

Educational Implications of a “Flat World”

            Consider, for a moment, education just ten years ago. Now think back fifteen or twenty years. Compare that recollection to what is seen in modern-day educational facilities and one would be astounded at the advancement of resources that are available today. Because of improvements to technology, the world has become increasingly “flat,” a term coined by Tom Friedman. Students in classrooms on opposing sides of the world are connected in seconds via internet platforms such as instant messaging, VOIP, online chat and other features. Because of this students no long have to settle for experiences merely read about in textbooks; they can now have real-life discussions with residents of a distant country they are studying, or hear directly from a survivor of World War II, or even tour far away locations without ever having left their native classroom. What may have once only been imagined is now made possible through technology.

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