Monday, January 9, 2012

Thought Process and Rationale

The assignment for this week asks us to explain our thought process and rationale for choosing the test items and essay question to go along with our objectives from last week. I've updated the original post to include the new test items and will give my rationale here in this post.

For my first objective, I created a test item where the student will identify lawful and unlawful interview questions by placing a letter next to each item. This is similar to a True/False test. I chose this method because it was a simple way to assess students' knowledge between lawful and unlawful questions.

My second objective is tested by using matching. As our text reminds us, I considered the order of the lists and ensured that there was only one possible correct response for each question. Although I did include some responses that will be used on more than one question-but this is explained in the directions.

The third objective is tested in a similar fashion to the first objective in that students are instructed to place a checkmark next to applicable responses. This is a quasi true/false test  that identifies correct responses.

The essay item instructs students to identify three labor laws as well as provide examples of scenarios of each. This will do two things: determine that the student can recall three labor laws as well as clearly determine if they understand the laws well enough to provide an example of them.

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